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Staten Island Furnace Repair, Installation, & Maintenance

Count on us for all your furnace and heating needs in Staten Island, NY. Losing heating on a cold day is difficult to ignore because there is almost nothing a person can do to get comfortable. A person can only wear so many sweaters. The Air Rescue team has the knowledge, experience, and tools to keep your warm throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and New Jersey.

Call Our Team at the First Signs of Furnace Issues.

The longer you wait to put off repairing or replacing a broken furnace, the worse the situation gets. Heating systems do not self-repair, and so their conditions only deteriorate with continued use. Eventually, a system completely breaks, leaving home without heat on a cold winter’s day.

Reach out to our talented team if you notice any of the below heating problems:

  • Higher than average energy bills during the winter
  • Strange noises coming from your furnace
  • Inaccurate and inconsistent thermostat readings
  • Not staying warm enough on those really cold days
  • A furnace turns on and off periodically

The Benefits of Routine Furnace Maintenance

Taking care of your furnace should be as important as taking care of your car. Would you avoid taking your vehicle for regular oil changes and annual inspections? If you do, there is a strong possibility of damage happening to your car or truck. Giving your furnace the same amount of preventive care ensures your heat works as it should.

The most important benefits include:

  • More efficient and effective heating
  • Lower monthly heating bills
  • Increase the lifespan of your system
  • Precise heating when you need it
  • Improved home air quality
  • Reduced breaks and failures

Staten Island Furnace Services


  • Furnace Installation
  • Heating Repair
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Old HVAC Removal
  • Replacement Parts
Furnace Repair Staten Island

Get in touch with our team today to request an estimate on furnace repair in Staten Island.