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Ductless Mini-Split systems are a great alternative to window and central air conditioning. ductless systems have a minimal footprint, which means that they blend into rooms and homes without creating an eye-sore (like window units). They are also affordable alternatives to central air because mini-splits do not require an extensive system of ducts to work. For a quick, effective, and affordable option for heating and cooling, you should give our team a call to talk about the best mini-splits Staten Island & Brooklyn has to offer.

Mini-Split systems are being installed in BK more and more because of the benefits they offer in terms of space and installation. When heating and cooling in tight spaces (attached homes), there often is little to no room for ductwork. As a result, central air is not a viable choice for many homes in Brooklyn and the surrounding area.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Mini-Splits in Brooklyn?

Compact Size: The condenser is placed outside the home, and so only a small system is installed inside the home. As a result of its size, it can be mounted on most walls and kept out of sight.

Flexible Zoning: Like with window units, you can install ductless mini-splits in whichever rooms you’d prefer. typically, individuals create different zones, which they can control depending on their needs.

Energy Efficiency: As a result of not using ducts, there is minimal energy loss that allows the system to run smoothly and effectively. Typically, using mini-splits on Staten Island costs less than using a similar amount of window air conditioners.

Noise Control: One of the worst aspects of a window air conditioner is the noise they make. Even when a system is marketed as quiet, it is never completely accurate. Mini-splits in Brooklyn can help quiet an already noisy city.

Effective: The systems might be small but that does not mean that they cannot comfortably cool a room even during the hottest days of NYC summers. They are a great option for keeping cool while avoiding costly monthly fees.

Easy Installation: A ductless mini-split can be added to most homes with only minor amounts of work needed. Most systems can be installed within 24-hours

Professional Brooklyn, NYC, & Staten Island Mini-Split Installation, Repair, & Maintenance

Maintenance for a ductless mini-split system is important for prolonging the life of the unit and ensuring optimal performance. Although there are few moving parts within a ductless mini-split, problems still occur, so it is best to catch them when still small. Routine mini-split inspections in NYC and the surrounding boroughs keep systems running like new. During an inspection/maintenance, you can expect:

  • Condenser coils are cleaned
  • Checking all aspects of the system (inside and out)
  • Making repairs before problems get out of hand
  • Cleaning air filters
  • Overall tune-up of the system

Being consistent with routine mini-split maintenance on Staten Island ends up saving money in the long run. As systems age and break down, they require more energy to run effectively. Improperly functioning systems can need an excess of more than 25% energy to maintain routine, normal functions. The time and money spent hiring the best ductless mini split repair Staten Island has to offer improves system performance and increases the lifespan of the system.