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Why is there a Burning Smell Coming from My Furnace?

Heating Staten Island Throughout the cold winter months on Staten Island, a home furnace has to work overtime. As a result of the excess use, it is only a matter of time before issues occur. If you suspect something is wrong with your home HVAC system, you need to reach out for the best heating repair Staten Island offers. Identifying and treating issues while they are small saves homeowners thousands of dollars. A common issue homeowners face during the winter is that their furnace gives off a burning smell. Typically, the smell occurs when a system is first turned on for winter, but it can occur at other times. The smell of something burning should alarm you, but you do not need to turn off your home’s heating. It would help if you reached out for professional heating repair on Staten Island because different things cause the burning smell. Professionals can identify the problem so that the treatment is cost-effective and complete. Common causes of a burning smell coming from a furnace include: Dust in the Furnace is the most common cause of the smell. If dust accumulates In the system, it will burn off as the furnace heats up. Object or Debris in Furnace is rare, but things can get caught in the system. If you smell burning rubber or plastic, this could be your problem. Damaged Wiring creates a...

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Top Two Tips for Extending the Life of a Boiler on Staten Island

There are some home purchases that individuals are eager to make. Often this is the case for renovations or products that they can show off. People tend to put off repairs and upgrades for easy things to not think about. Taking care of a boiler is one those such things. If your home has a boiler, you use it every day, even though it doesn’t require turning on or off. As a result of consistent and prolonged use, all boilers eventually break. At first, boilers can be repaired; however, repairs become necessary at a certain point. Considering the inevitability of having to purchase a new boiler eventually, it’s in a homeowner’s best interest to do what they can to extend the life of their boiler. How can you make your boiler last, if possible? Two things above all else should be done to maintain adequate boiler health. By taking these steps, you will reduce the amount spent on repairs while also extending the life of your system. Boiler Repair Staten Island The most important thing to do is reach out to boiler repair Staten Island before you notice any problems. Boiler repair specialists do more than fix systems when they break; they also perform routine maintenance and inspections. The best way to stop a problem is never to let it happen in the first place. Without yearly inspections and...

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Is it Important to Maintain a Water Heater

Heating Repair Staten Island Simply put, the better you maintain a water heater, the more reliable it will be and the longer it will last. Those that have experienced the loss of hot water (especially during the winter) know how difficult it can be to operate in a home like this. You cannot do the dishes or the laundry, and it becomes incredibly unpleasant having to bathe. Like most machines, the more they are used and the older they get, the more likely they will malfunction or completely break. It is not advisable to wait for your water heater to break. Because when you do this, you are more likely to experience emergency and expensive repairs. If you focus your attention on heating repair Staten Island before any major issues, you can safely, comfortably, and most of all affordably stop problems. Water heater maintenance is probably not on the top of the list of what people want to spend their money on, but those that do end up thanking themselves in the long run. During typical maintenance, a professional flushes the system to clear any debris and other sediments. Once that is complete, they check pressure relief valves and all the connections to the system. Lastly, they check the anode to determine if it requires replacement. The main reason to invest in annual water heater maintenance on Staten Island...

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Boiler Repair Staten Island, the Cause of the Boiler Noisy

Boiler Repair Staten Island Your boiler should be a source of comfort in your home. It’s what keeps you warm during a cold, long winter on Staten Island. If you hear noises from your boiler, it could be a sign of trouble. Your boiler will make noises for many reasons, from a minor issue to a major malfunction. Anytime your boiler is acting up, it’s important to get it checked by a professional to determine the cause. Call us for the best boiler repair on Staten Island. What are some reasons my boiler is noisy? Low Water Level – To dissipate heat, your boiler needs a certain level of water. When water levels drop below the specified amount, boiling occurs. Low water levels occur for various reasons, but the main culprit is a defective valve. Thermostat Issues – A kettling sound will occur when the thermostat is defective or set to a high setting. Sediment Accumulation – Mineral content in municipal water is very common and expected. The most common mineral content found in water is calcium carbonate. The problem of a noisy boiler occurs when there is too much of a build-up. Calcium carbonate solidifies and sinks to the bottom of the boiler when water is heated. This layer creates uneven water heating, which results in knocking and banging noises coming from the boiler. When this occurs, we’ll...

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Prepare HVAC Systems for Winter

Many people forget about HVAC maintenance until it breaks down when it’s needed most. Your heating system will be working overtime in the winter. You want to ensure that it’s working properly before you find yourself without heat on a cold, wintry night. The best time to prepare your HVAC system for winter is during the fall. Heating Repair Staten Island The top reasons to perform routine maintenance on your furnace during the fall are:  Save money on bills and repairs – Make sure your system is running up-to-date, so there is no build-up. When there is excess build-up in a system, it has to work harder, which will drive up energy bills. In addition, getting the system checked out routinely avoids major issues from occurring. You’re less likely to deal with an unplanned breakdown if you have your HVAC system checked by a professional before the winter starts. Safety – Going without heat under extremely cold temperatures is not safe for you or your home. There is a fear of hypothermia, or your pipes could freeze and burst, causing flooding. There is also a danger of a carbon monoxide leak from a neglected system. Dirty burners, a blocked vent, or a cracked heat exchanger may lead to carbon monoxide issues. Longevity of your system’s life – Performing routine maintenance on your unit every fall can increase its lifespan...

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