When looking for home heating options, it is easy to become overwhelmed by industry-specific terminology. To calm your nerves and make your life easier, it is a good idea to learn some basic knowledge about how homes are heated. Knowing about the type of home heating you have can also help you save time and money when an emergency happens, and you need heating repair Staten Island.Heating Repair Staten Island

Forced Air Systems

The most common HVAC used in the United States is a forced-air system. These systems use a furnace and blower fan to deliver warmed air to different rooms through a network of ducts. With these systems, an individual can quickly adjust the temperature in a room. Air conditioners can share the same ductwork and blower, which is why it is considered an incredibly efficient HVAC system. The best heating repair Staten Island has can handle all your heating and cooling needs.

The main advantages of these systems include:

  • Systems have a filter that is easy to clean and change
  • You can easily integrate humidifier/dehumidifier equipment
  • Forced air is relatively inexpensive compared to other heating systems

Gravity Air Furnace

These systems are considered a precursor to the forced air system. Gravity systems can distribute air through metal ducts, but it works through the physics of cold air rising and hot air sinking. A gravity air furnace is typically installed in a basement so that hot air can increase through the ducts. If you need furnace repair Staten Island, you should not hesitate to give us a call.

The main advantages of these systems include:

  • No moving parts, so systems last a lifetime
  • Requires very little maintenance

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