There are several reasons why a central air conditioning unit stops blowing cold air. Identifying the problems can often be difficult, so it is important to reach out for professional help as soon as you can. Problems do not go away on their own, so being proactive is the best way to keep repair costs at a minimum.Air Conditioning Installation Staten Island

Considering how hot the weather can get in NYC, you should take some time (a month or two before the weather breaks) to run your central air conditioner. Identifying problems before the dead of summer saves time, stress, and money. In a worst-case scenario, you may need a new system and air conditioning installation Staten Island.

The most common reasons a central air conditioner stops blowing cold includes:

Clogged Filter – central air systems purify the air before circulating it throughout your home. This is made possible with an air filter. With time, the filter gets dirty, and at a certain point, the air has difficulty passing through. Some systems shut off to prevent burning out the motor.

Ice Buildup – a dirty coil and filter reduce airflow as well as refrigerant. When ice builds on the coils, the problem is exasperated.

Refrigerant Levels – leaks in lines can occur, which slowly causes refrigerant levels to drop. To fix this issue, leaks must be identified and patched, and the system needs a refrigerant recharge.

Air Conditioning Installation Staten Island

If you are interested in maintenance, repair, or air conditioning installation Staten Island, you should not hesitate to give our talented team a call.

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