HVAC Staten Island

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With time HVAC systems will experience wear and tear. Routine maintenance is key to ensure your unit works smoothly. Be sure to prep your HVAC before the summer months. You do not want to discover there is a problem when the temperatures have already become sweltering outside. There are things you can do to ensure your HVAC system keeps you cool all summer long.

One important part of a healthy HVAC system is clean filters. Thankfully this is also one of the easiest steps. It’s essential to replace or clean the filter twice a year as it regularly fills with dust and debris.

Be sure to clear any debris from the base of the condenser. If the unit has a drain, ensure that it’s clear. This step is especially important after a long winter as it’s common for melting snow and leaves to cause issues. Also, check the blower’s fan blades. Use a rag to clean off any accumulated debris.

One important and obvious step that many homeowners seem to forget is testing their unit before the warmer weather hits. You do not want to discover issues when it’s already sweltering outside. Get on top of any issues by testing the cooling system in March or April. Switch your thermostat to “Cool” to ensure cold air comes out. If you notice any issues, call us today, and we’ll pinpoint the problem.

HVAC Staten Island

HVAC units are complicated, and we don’t expect you to understand their inner workings. Let us do the work for you. Call us for all your HVAC Staten Island needs.

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