Air Conditioning Installation Staten Island

We’re here for all your HVAC Staten Island needs.

Issues with your air conditioner is never a good thing to deal with during the summer months. Summers in Staten Island are often brutal with sweltering, hot days. Prevent your unit from breaking. As a leading HVAC Staten Island company, we’re here to make sure you stay cool this summer.

We want to help you avoid these common air conditioner problems from occurring. 

  1. Some people may notice that their unit isn’t cooling their home as well as it should and assume there’s an issue with the system. While this may indicate problems with the AC, it also may have to do with how you’re running your system. Before you turn your AC on, it’s essential to close all windows and doors. Leaving openings allows space for cold air to escape. It’s also necessary to understand your HVAC system’s capacity. All ACs have limited capabilities, and if your area is too large, it will never get cooled.
  2. Filters tend to accumulate dirt and other debris, causing blockages. These blocks lead to insufficient airflow. Be sure to regularly clean and replace your filters.
  3. All HVAC units have a drainage system for water. When the drainage is blocked, you’ll have leaks that need to be addressed immediately.

Air Conditioning Installation Staten Island

The number one way to avoid issues with your air conditioner is to ensure proper installation. When a trained professional installs the unit correctly, you’re less likely to face problems. Call us for all your air conditioning installation Staten Island needs.


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