A clean air conditioner is a working air conditioner. Your central air unit needs proper maintenance to ensure it’s running smoothly and effectively. Cleaning the unit leads to a more comfortable home and lower energy bills.

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As a leading HVAC Staten Island company, we’re here to help you understand the basics of your system.

You may be wondering how to clean your central air conditioning on Staten Island. Thankfully, we’re here to help with all your concerns and questions.

The outdoor condenser unit is most important when it comes to a clean HVAC system. Before you do anything to the unit, turn off the power. Once the power is off, remove the outer case and vacuum the condenser fins. Be careful when doing this as the fins are fragile.

With the outer case removed, it’s a good time to remove any debris blocking the coil, such as leaves, grass, or dirt. Anything blocking the coil affects airflow to the home.

It’s a good idea to help your unit stay intact during the winter by covering it with plywood. Doing this prevents damage from falling ice. We recommend plywood over plastic or another material that completely covers the unit.

Maintain your indoor units as well. You must clean or replace dirty filters, vacuum the blower compartment, and address any clogged drains.

HVAC Staten Island

If the thought of cleaning your central air conditioning yourself fills you with dread, then give us a call. We are here for all your HVAC Staten Island needs. Our trained professionals will come in to ensure your unit is thoroughly cleaned before the summer hits.

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