Do you still rely on window units to keep cool during the warm weather? While window AC units have their benefits, they cannot compare to the cooling central air conditioning provides. If you’ve been thinking about switching to central air, let’s go over the top three benefits. Central Air Conditioning Staten Island

  1. Efficiency – Window units are a much cheaper option upfront. It costs less to purchase a window unit for your home than to install a central air conditioning system. However, window units wind up costing more in the long run. Central air is a much more efficient option and will cost less in energy bills.
  2. Cooler Homes – The bottom line is that central air is more efficient, and it cools your home better than even the best window unit can.
  3. Convenience – While window units do a good job of cooling homes, they are not convenient. Every season you have to take them out of storage and put them in the window. Then when the season is over, they need to be taken down and put back into storage. You need the space to store the units when not in use and the manpower to move them from storage to their windows. You also lose out on available window air for an entire season while the units are set up. None of the issues mentioned are a problem when it comes to central air. Central air is professionally installed, and then you’re set—no need to do anything further with each new season.

Central Air Conditioning Staten Island

If you’re ready to switch to central air conditioning, call us. We provide the best central air conditioning Staten Island has to offer. We want to keep you cool all summer long!

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