A broken heater in the dead of summer is one of the worst experiences a homeowner can have. Hiring the best heating repair Staten Island has to offer allows you to stop brakes from occurring preemptively. Because of all the moving parts in a heater, the system will likely breakdown with extended wear and tear. This is common. If you hear uncommon noises coming from your system, you should reach out for professional HVAC maintenance on Staten Island.

Heating Repair Staten Island

HVAC Staten Island

Heating repair Staten Island can clean and replace filters and clean out ductwork, which extends its life and makes it run optimally.

On its best day, a heating system will make noises, but these noises indicate that the machine is functioning properly. The system will also make noises letting owners know that’s something is seriously wrong. Learning about HVAC Staten Island and how to distinguish between good and bad sounds will help ensure you get the best heating repair Staten Island can offer you.

Sounds to be aware of include:

  • Rattling: this noise is an indicator that there is a problem with your heat pump or furnace. If a heat pump is rattling, the most common culprit is a loose part that needs fixing or tightening. If the rattling is coming from your furnace, you can be suffering from a cracked heat exchanger for problems with ductwork.
  • Hissing: the sound can come from either a heat pump, furnace, gas leak, or duct leak. If the heat pump is hissing, it is probably caused by a clogged filter or refrigerant leak. When you cannot identify where hissing sounds are coming from, you need to reach out for heating repair.
  • Screeching: of all the noises that should alarm you, screeching is the worst. It is a scary noise, and it is one that should not be ignored. Ignoring this sound could cause irreversible harm to your HVAC system, and so a professional should examine your system as soon as possible.

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