If you are a homeowner with an HVAC system, you may find yourself with a ton of questions. As the leading company for HVAC Staten Island, we’re happy to help. Below we’ll go over some of the more common HVAC questions we receive.

HVAC Staten Island

We are here for all your air conditioning repair staten island needs.

How do I increase the efficiency and lifespan of my unit? The most important thing to do for the efficiency and longevity of your unit is to clean and replace filters regularly. Additionally, make sure the blower is always turned to the “on” position.

What temperature should I set the thermostat? The temperature you set will depend on the people in your household. However, the average temperature for the summer is between 78 and 80 degrees, while the winter ranges from 70 to 72 degrees.

Are there any units designed to be eco-friendly? More homeowners are becoming eco-conscious, and manufacturers are taking notice. Many systems on the market today are safe for the environment.

Air Conditioning Repair Staten Island

What do I do if my unit isn’t working correctly? Don’t panic if your unit doesn’t seem to be working as it should. Many factors will cause this to happen. Give us a call for the best air conditioning repair Staten Island offers. Our trained professionals will determine the problems and decipher if it’s fixable or will need replacing.

HVAC Staten Island

If I do need a new unit, how much will it cost me? The price of an HVAC unit varies considerably. After an evaluation of your current equipment and your home, we’ll provide you with a more accurate quote. Call us for all your air conditioning installation Staten Island needs.

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