Installing a ductless air conditioner on Staten Island, at first glance, can scare people off. The main reason is the price tag associated with the initial purchase and installation. Most of the time, the people who don’t like the cost go and purchase several window air units, adding up in cost. If you plan on going the route of purchasing window units, you must consider the cost of running them, taking them in and out each year, repairs, and replacement. It would help if you also considered the comfort levels you want in your home and how you want your house to look. Do you want window units installed in multiple windows throughout your home?

Heating Repair Staten Island

Most old homes are not set up for central air, which means that installations are costly and extensive. For central air to work, you need ducts running throughout the home. Another option individuals have is a ductless mini split system. The system utilizes a single outdoor condenser, like a central air system. Instead of ducts, small, mostly unnoticeable coolant lines are run to each blower.

Why should you go with a ductless system?

They are versatile, meaning that they can cool and heat a home, which a window AC unit cannot do. With the simple flip of a switch, systems change between heating and cooling. You can reach out for heating repair Staten Island for help with your system.

The systems are not large and can be mounted in almost any area of a room. A small hole is made through a wall to connect the coolant line mounted high or low on the walls. You also do not need to lose a functioning window.

Heating Repair Staten Island

Because all systems run off one condenser, operational costs are less than when running several window air conditioners. One main condenser also means that the likelihood of issues is greatly reduced. The best cooling and heating repair Staten Island has to offer can keep your system running optimally for many years, which is not the case for window systems.

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