Are you tired of relying on window AC units to cool your home during the summer months? If so, it’s time to make the switch to central air conditioning. A properly installed air conditioning system will keep your home cooler and save you on energy bills. Air Conditioning Installation Staten Island

Ensuring your unit is installed the right way is so important. When it comes to air conditioning installation, there are four main things to consider.

  1. Go with a professional – Central air installation is not a project you can DIY. It is best left to the professionals. Choosing a professional is the only way to ensure the system is installed properly and safely and will work the way that it should.
  2. Get proper measurements for your home – To get the most of your central air conditioning, you must know the measurements of your home. If the unit is too small, your home will not stay cool. Too large of a unit will wind up costing you an unnecessarily high energy bill. Allow the time for your technician to walk through your home and take the proper measurements. This will ensure that you get the best system for your home.
  3. Set up a maintenance schedule – Like any home unit and appliance, central air conditioning will need regular maintenance to ensure it continues working properly. Set up a maintenance schedule with your technician so he can perform routine checkups.
  4. Understand energy efficiency ratings – The two important ratings to know about are the Energy Star label and the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). Make sure the SEER of your unit is at least 14. The EPA provides the Energy Star label, and it means your unit is efficient.

Air Conditioning Installation Staten Island

Stay cool all summer long with the help of Air Rescue NY. We specialize in air conditioning installation on Staten Island.

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