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Summers in New York can get brutal. The high temperatures and humidity make it, so you do not want to leave your house. That is, as long as your home has a working air conditioner. But what do you do if you notice that your AC is not working the way it did in past years? If you recognize a change, do not panic. Air conditioning units are not indestructible and, with time, will need routine maintenance.

Below we will go over the top signs that indicate your air conditioner may be broken:

Strange Noises: Most units are not silent. A whirring noise is completely normal. However, hissing or knocking noises may indicate there is something wrong with the unit.

The Temperature in the Home Rises and Unit Blows Hot Air: This is an obvious sign that your unit has something wrong. To troubleshoot this issue, check your home thermostat. Sometimes it can be as easy as a switch from Heat to Cool. However, if all looks good with the thermostat, it may be time to call in a professional to inspect the unit further.

A Difference in Energy Bills: If you notice a substantial change in your monthly utility bills, have your AC unit checked.

The Unit Will Not Turn On: This is another fairly obvious sign that your air conditioner has issues. If the batteries are fine and there’s nothing wrong with your electricity, but the unit will still not turn on, call in a professional to find out what’s going on.

Air Conditioning Installation Staten Island

If you notice the above issues with your unit, call us today for the best air conditioning installation and repair Staten Island has to offer. We want to keep you cool all summer long.

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